Tuesday, December 06, 2005


  • Bad Channels
  • Aaaaaah, yes....Bad Channels. I am pretty sure that this is one of those movies where during production, the crew thought to themselves, "This is movie gold." It was more like movie MOLD.........*cricket sounds*........anyone? no? moving on then.

    It is halloween and the local radio DJ, who is super a wacky type DJ, is known for his pranks that he pulls every year. And this year is no exception. However, he got a little more than what he bargained for. An alien race comes down to Earth and lands near the Radio station and makes that their home base. You guessed it, the take over the building, the DJ starts freaking out talking about aliens invading, and nobody believes him. They just listen on and laugh.

    I guess the aliens came for our women, because they used the radio somehow to kidnapp them and magically shrink them and put them in jars. Also, mold started growing all over the place in the studio. Meanwhile, the stupid DJ is just hangin out telling whats happening while the alien drives the microphones like a plane.

    After a super bright news anchor woman figures whats going on, they try to kill the aliens but fail. FINALLY, they discover the only thing that will kill them, is simple houes hold cleaning agents that destroy mold and fungus. Go figure.

    Memorable Moments
    • The craftiness of the female reporter
    • Antics of the DJ
    • Ridiculous kidnapping of women

    by UberBrian

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