Wednesday, December 07, 2005


  • Batman the Movie
  • This is the original Batman movie from 1966 starring Adam West. It is just as ridiculous as the TV show, and follows the exact kind of plot. The Joker, Riddler, and Penguin combine forces to take over the world. They make a weapon that dehydrates people into a little pile of dirt. Just add water, poof, instant person. So they dehydrate their henchmen, and get them ready for battle. Of course their henchmen's names were written on their shirts, and their name matched whatever role they had as a henchman.

    Oh man, oh man, there was one part where Batman and Robin were in the Batcopter above the ocean and Batman was going down the Batladder and a big shark comes up and grabs onto his leg. He says to Robin he say, he says, he says to him he says, "Robin.....Hand me....the....Anti-Shark Bat Repellant." So, then Robin, he goes to the Bat shelf and looks around "hhmmmm..Anti-Stingray Bat Repellant? nooo... Anti-Eel Bat Repellant? nooo.. aah here it is, Anti-Shark Bat Repellant." So then Robin, he quickly goes down the Batladder to give the spray to Batman, but stops about six feet above him. He then SLOWLY wraps his legs around the Batladder and starts to hang upside down to hand the Batspray to Batman. Well, anyway, Batman gets the Batspray, properly Batsprays the shark. The shark then lets go of his Batleg, falls to the water, and instantly explodes.

    Here comes the circular logic that will make your head explode. How can a shark explode when it hits the water? oooohhh, we later find out the shark was a robot sent by the baddies. but wait it minute...if it was a robot, how did the Anti-Shark Bat Repellant work? Discuss.

    Ahaha, then, oh man, then one time they had a big ol' bomb that was about to explode and they had to get rid of it. Robin suggests they just leave the bomb in the bar where it is and dig this man, dig this, Batman he says to him he says, he says, he says something to the tune of "Now Robin, they may be raging alcoholics, but they are still people."

    So, Batman is running around trying to find a place for this bomb right? He goes this way..OH NO, a mom and her baby, go this way, OH NO..ducks in the water, go this way OH NO...a marching band...go this way, and he hides behind some pipesBOOOM. you basically see the bomb blow up in his hands. Robin comes to check it out, and Batman pops out from behind something with a line like "Good thing that........Bat trash can was there to shield the blow" AHHAHAha oooh man I loved that part. THIS WAS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER!

    Memorable Moments
    • eh....I can't really remember any. Wasn't paying that close of attention

    by UberBrian

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