Tuesday, December 06, 2005


  • Breaker! Breaker!
  • A young Chuck Norris (in very very tight pants) stars in this masterpiece as a former/current/used to be/came back to be truck driver J.D. J.D.’s brother, also a truck driver, went on his first run alone and was forced to take an exit by a cop and was then taken to this little town that I guess ran itself or something. Anyways, the brother was arrested/kidnapped for breaking some stupid law; I think it was giving himself a little trucker love. The corrupt judge found him guilty, then the brother got beat up by the corrupt cops (you seeing a pattern here, corrupt judge, corrupt cops, good writing) after trying to escape.

    Norris finds out his brother is kidnapped and so on and so on, Norris kicks the corrupt cops asses a couple of times, takes his shirt off and kicks their asses some more. He also falls in love with the “hot” girl of the town who has an abusive husband/boyfriend. Well Norris kicks his ass too, takes his shirt off and kicks it some more. Let’s not forget that 62.8% of the movie is Norris being chased in this big truck by the cops and I swear he keep putting on tighter and tighter pants.

    Norris calls for backup for the final fight, and about 10-20 truckers come to his rescue and drive through the town, and I mean through houses, barns, and offices. Did I mention that the town was the same town at the end of “Blazing Saddles”. Norris rescues his brother, gets his women and is the result of f’ing up the entire corrupt town. Yeaaaah!

    Memorable Moments
    • Norris kicking some major ass, then getting beat pretty good, getting his second wind and kicking some major uber ass.
    • Sexual tension between J.D. and a truck stop waitress.
    • Thugs never understanding not to take on Chuck Norris one on one.
    • Norris giving his finisher “The Round House Kick To Da Face Bitch”


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