Saturday, December 10, 2005


  • The Day After Tommorrow
  • This movie has to be the most expensive “save the world don’t pollute” commercial ever made. I wouldn’t have ever guessed that tree huggers could get so much money. Anyways, apparently global warming caused polar ice caps to break off into the Atlantic Ocean and they melted and messed up the fresh water to salt water ratio and changed the north Atlantic current and… hahaha, I couldn’t keep typing with a straight face… that really is the explanation this movie gave for all the natural disasters that happened. This movie had some good special effects though. The first 30 minutes of this film was pretty awesome. Huge hail storms, Hollywood being ransacked by tornados, all very spectacular, but that is where this movie stops being good (in an actual good sort of way).

    So the main hippie, oh I mean character, discovers that all of this is going to happen and tries to tell the government but no one believes him… wow that’s some quality original writing. To make things even better hippie #1’s son went to New York City, which is one of the top areas for the super cold storm to hit… oh have I not mentioned that yet… my bad. So when the north Atlantic current shifted it apparently created huge hurricane like storms over land that sucks in extremely cold air that freezes everything. See people this is what happens, driving around in your SUV’s and your corporate oil companies (I guess that’s how hippie’s minds work).

    So yada yada yada, main hippie decides he has to walk to NYC from Philadelphia to save his son, who of course is surviving this ice age storm and super bionic extreme wolves. Hey, apparently a small local zoo in NYC has some explaining to do. That’s the only explanation I can think of for zoo wolves reverting back to their natural state… way beyond their natural state in hunting humans through a gigantic ship in the streets of New York. So after about twenty self sacrificing moves from multiple hippies the main hippie finally gets to New York after the storms are over and finds his hippie son and his hippie friends and a hippie black homeless guy still alive in the NYC library by burning books in a big fireplace and everyone is happy. Well except for the hippie black homeless guy, apparently he was arrested for burning library books to stay warm.

    Memorable Moments
    • Bionic wolves chasing after people
    • The fact this movie is supposed to scare people into not polluting.
    • Extreme cold being held by wooden door to keep hippies alive in the library.


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