Saturday, December 10, 2005


  • Extreme Ops
  • The only way one could enjoy this movie is if they were 13 years old, mentally retarded, blind, and def. Extreme Ops falls into a catagorie of it's own. UBER EXTREME! And, it is the only movie in that genre.

    Here is the basic storyline. 1. Some EXTREME guys and gals are going to Austria to make an EXTREME commercial for a camcorder. 2. While they are there some evil terrorists are hiding out in the cabin next door. (By the way, these are the most dangerous men in the world says the news) Obviously, the two storylines cross, and the EXTREME kids are forced to take out the terrorists with their EXTREME skillz! However, when watching this movie, you find out that most of it is footage of them snowboarding down a mountain numerous times. In between that, there are many awkward scenes of EXTREME flirting, EXTREME teen antics, and EXTREME running away from dogs.

    1 whole hour into the movie, the plot with the terrorists is introduced. The bad guys (and a Dominoes Pizza guy) start chasing the EXTREME kids in a helicopter. There are numerous sniper shotgun rounds fired, and a pizza guy taking a snowboard to the gut and falling to his death. It ends up, the EXTREME pyrotechnics guy ramps over the helicopter, throws a rope into the tail prop causeing it to hault and crash into a mountain. Thats right, they took out the most dangerous men in the world with a front flip and a rope. Then, on their way down manage to get the avalanche shot they came for in the first place. Lucky for them, they had 2 camcorders in their pocket. So actually, these EXTREME kids did absolutely nothing. Well, some chic fired a missile at the helicopter but missed. She probably couldn't see it though because her lips were so big. Seriously, if we were comparing celebrity lips, this bitch made Angelina Jolie look like Sean Penn. AAaah, I digress, THE MOVIE SUCKED!

    Memorable Moments
    • If you put a few hot rocks into a frozen tub of water, you get instant bowling water hot tub
    • The bad guy sniping a moving target from 100 yards away, with an uzi
    • The bad guy in his Old Navy smock, dramatically showing his good side while delivering an EXTREME line
    • The fact that a rope can easily take down a chopper
    • Creepy villian watching Devan Sawa hula dancing.

    by UberBrian

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