Sunday, December 18, 2005


  • The Foreigner
  • This was a Steven Seagul movie that was a little bit different than the others. In this movie he goes on a murderous revenge killing spree for no reason really. Honestly, when we watched this movie we had absolutely no idea what was going on for a storyline. It wasn't a typical Seagal movie though. One time, some black british dude hid in Seagals apartment, and knocked him out from behind, then tied a rope around his neck and interrogated him. I KNOW...KNOCKED HIM OUT!!? Well, eventually, Seagal outsmarted him and blew him up with a bomb the size of a shoebox that completely flattened a train station. Another time some black dude dressed in a silk suit that worked for the government got the jump on Seagal. Well, Seagul outsmarted him and threw a bomb at him that was attached to a CD. It cut into the guys stomach and blew him up. Seagal through out the line "I just love a BBQ". Suddenly, the movie just ended with a less than impressive fight sequence involving a guy picking up a chair, just to break it and attack Seagal with a stumpy chair leg.

    Memorable Moments:
    • Mother thinking about daughter, but apparently her only memory is of her trying to jump rope, but sucks at it and always hits her feet
    • Bad guy constantly smoking and sneaking around, but no-one EVER sees or smells the smoke.
    • This movie holds the record for most guns with silencers on it. They even put a silencer on an AK-47.
    • Bad guy breaking chair to get little leg to attack Seagal, his little hop turn around, just to get chopped in the throat and killed.
    • The numerous ways Seagal can kill a man just by pushing him into a pond or tripping him.

    by UberBrian

    I will be linking you to cinerati, your Extreme Ops review alone deserves recognition.
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