Monday, December 05, 2005


  • Galaxy Invader
  • Such beauty, such writing, such acting, such crap!

    This is by far the best bad movie we have ever seen. It was basically created by the family of Don Dohler in someones backyard with a budget the same size as your local grade schools Easter play. The movie starts with "state of the art" digital effects and a very suspensful scene that introduces the Galaxy Invader to viewers where he attacks a couple at home. From here on out, the movie should be called, "Drunken Hillbillies and Their Wacky Shenanigans."

    There are two basic storylines in this movie.
    1. A college professor and former student try to find the Galaxy Invader to help him and study him.
    2. Two drunken rednecks gather a small army to capture Galaxy Invader and sell him to the Russians.


    Memorable Moments

    • Pa wears the exact same torn shirt for about 5 days straight apparently.
    • JJ tries to control his father but fails. A BRUTAL fight ensues that looks more like something off of "Darrins Dance Moves."
    • Many quotable lines that are delivered with as much enthusiasm as a freshly salted slug.
    • The ending. Makes the entire movie worth watching.

    by UberBrian

    "Stay right where you are. I'll be there in 5 hours."
    "Man, what is taking them so long, where are they?"

    "Hey guys"

    "Oh hey"
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