Friday, December 30, 2005


  • Leprechaun in the Hood
  • Ugghh...Here we go. I think I have alreayd blocked a lot of this out. The movie starts out in the seventies with a Afro wearing Ice-T and some guy finding a leprechaun statue with a pot of gold, a gold flute, and gold medalion around his neck. Ice-T just wants the flute and tells the other guy he can have the rest. So the first thing he does is take the medalion. Well this brings Leprechaun to life, he quotes Martin Luther King Jr. about being free, and stabs the guy in the neck with his afro pick.

    Fast forward to present time. 3 Niggas are trying to get a rap deal but the suck...the suck bad. They talk to Ice-T and he shuts them down. They later decide to break into his place and steal stuff, but they broke the case the Leprechaun was in, and they set him free. For the rest of the movie these three Niggas are running from Ice-T and the Leprechaun. EVeryone wants their magical flute that hypnotises I am getting retarded just thinking about this.

    They go to a Church to hide, and the preacher cusses like crazy and tries to bang hoes. Leprechaun uses a Jedi force to make people explode, then he controls on the Niggas and makes him shoot himself in the head, and gets his flute back. Alright, now this is how they end it. Leprechaun has a weakness for weed, and bitches, so these two tough ass street runnin thugs, dress up as women to get into his layer. They give him a joint made of 4 leaf clovers to knock him out, and they get their flute. On their way out, Ice-T kills one of the them, some fighting and shooting happens, then the trap Leprechaun with the medallion.

    End scene, the rapper finally made it big as a rapper, but then you find out he is a zombie controlled by Leprechaun..I dont know. Outro, Leprechaun raps about being a "Lep in da Hood, Up to no good"

    Memorable Moments
    • Leprechaun always speaking in limiric
    • Leprechaun being the guy from Willow, which is creepy itself
    • Rapper Postmaster P, delivers a positive message with homicide, breaking and entering, and drug use.
    • Thugs in church rapping about Jesus bangin hoes, and people loving it.

    by UberBrian

    come on uberbrian, we have to do what others are scared to do. we have a duty to review these movies, so others dont have to watch them to find out, now suck it up and give us a review our great grandparents would be proud of!

    F*** YOU! You watch it and try to make a review. Or try to convince UberBrenton to review it. He watched it with me. I'm telling's rough.

    a bit hostle dont you think.
    But we need to know? Your hatred is giving me a desire to view this, without an accurate synopsis/review I am doomed to repeat your error.
    Damn you all, making me do this. Alright, I'll see what I can do. Check back for the New Review

    "a bit hostle dont you think"

    I didn't mean it as hostile. I was just trying convey that if you were to watch this, your head might explode. I mean, my eyes started bleeding.

    thats my nigga and that sounds greeat!
    Ah, now I need to go back and watch Bones again.
    Jesus loves me, this I know, if he don't, I'll find a hoe
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