Tuesday, December 06, 2005


  • Piñata Survival Island
  • Any movie that is based on Indian Folklore is going to be retarded. This movie was no exception. It starts with a bunch of indians collecting evil spirits and putting them into this little demon statue thing, and they send it off to sea. Fast forward to now, where a bunch of collage students are sent to an island where they are having a MTV style gameshow, only there are no cameras or anything like that. The point is they have to go around and find these piñata's hidden around the island, and inside them is underwear. The team that collects the most underwear wins. But, then one team stumbles across the evil statue and bust it open releasing the evil spirits. The rest of the movie consists of cheap CGI, and generic death scenes. This was probably a Sci-Fi original or something.

    Memorable Moments
    • Cute little piñata bashing in some guys skull
    • A guy feeling up a girl but it never showed her boob
    • Jaime Presley in a small bikini

    by UberBrian

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