Tuesday, December 06, 2005


  • Raw Deal
  • Arnold Schwarzen....Schwartzen......Schwa....Arnold S. stars in this extravagant thrill seeking adventure. Nah I’m just playing with ya, it sucked. I don’t remember too much of this work of art, but something about Arnold dealing with his drunken wife throwing cakes at him and being forced into going undercover into the Russian mob.

    Blah Blah, Arnold kicks some Russian ass, blah blah, Arnold gets ready to get some booty with this glamour’s 80's slu... actress but passes out drunk, blah blah, Arnold kicks more Russian ass. By the end of the movie Arnold puts Rolling Stones, “Satisfaction” in the tape deck of his LeBaron and kicks all of Russia’s ass, and saves his daughter... no that’s not it... Arnold frees himself from the game show of death... no no... um... oh yeah, Arnold kills the alien by putting mud on himself... son of a... ARNOLD WINS!

    Memorable Moments
    • Classic one liners from Arnold like this beauty “Don’t drink and Bake!”
    • Arnold plays “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones to amp up the final battle.
    • Typical Arnold action movie stunts.
    • Arnold flexing his enormous acting muscle


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