Friday, January 13, 2006


  • Alien Factor
  • I have to say that Don Dohler is a master of making movies. Bad movies that is. While this movie wasn't as good (bad) as Galaxy Invader, it still had enough elements for us to be totally confused, entertained, and plenty of jokes were made throughout the movie. I would say it falls into my top 10....maybe.

    So this glorious story starts out with a guy and gal randomly parked in a field drinking some cheap wine and making out. These two are pretty f'in drunk and getting ready to drive away. (I guess DUI didn't exist in the late 70's) ALL OF A SUDDEN....what was that noise? Naaah, it couldn't be.....surely not.....AAH IT IS. An Alien attacks them, killing the boyfriend as we see the girlfriend run away. That will sober you up. These two totally underestimated the alien factor. We had to give props though because the alien did look "menacing" as UberBrad said. Well, there is some diologue scenes that of course were done POORLY. OH...and the sherrif looked like he was straight from the Beastie Boys "Sabatoge" video.

    Out of nowhere it keeps cutting to a scene of someones feet while a strange glowing effect kept making noise. These scenes lasted WAAY to long. Then we see another alien.....wearing blue jeans....and only blue jeans. We didn't really see him again...or did we?? More dialogue, bla bla bla, and people walking around in the woods, and strangely enough, they would always meet other people just walking around in the woods. Even though everyone knows there are killer aliens in the woods.

    Well, it comes down to the Sabatoge sheriff, the mayor, and some psychic guy hunting them down. One big ol' alien that looks like a Sasquatch and Star Wars sand people hybrid, attacks and kills the mayor. He obviously overlooked the alien factor. It seems that nobody cares that he died. Oh well, on with the movie. Some stupid chic is walking through the woods and finds psychic guy. Uh Oh, LOOK OUT! There is a giant monster attacking wait, it is a lame claymation monster, or is it a ghost...I don't know, the special effects were awfull. Well psychic guy kills the clay alien with his plasma gun and traps him in a box with Slimer, but he took some damage. Suddenly he looks different. Wait a second...thats blue jean alien! Well, the girl thanks him, and blue jean alien explains what is going on, and what needs to be done to make everything safe. While he is in mid-sentence BOOM, Sabatoge Sherrif shoots blue jean alien with a shotgun, he didn't even consider the alien factor. Roll credits!

    Memorable Moments
    • Kids find body that was melted by alien didn't bother them a bit
    • Old characters from Galaxy Invader (sweet sweet JJ)
    • Alien "stalking" someone's house, but all we see is a black screen and occasionaly a light, for about 1:30.
    • Snow on the ground, NO snow on the ground,
    Snow on the ground, NO snow on the ground,
    • Motorcycle rider running over girl....just the whole scene was pathetic.

    by UberBrian

    "Wastin' Film, Wastin' Film, Wastin' Film"

    I like the user comments to alien factor and fiend on IMDB
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