Wednesday, January 18, 2006


  • Vampiyaz
  • So we were really eager to watch Vampiyaz. It looked and sounded awesome. Rappers -vs- Vampiyaz, I mean come on... that's awesome in a bad sort of way. We finally get a chance to watch it, and it is the worst movie I have ever seen. Uberbrian says, "I had thought I had seen the worst movie in the world with Leprechaun In the Hood, until I saw Vampiyaz."

    This movie was so bad that we couldn't set through it. We couldn't force ourselves to watch the entire movie. It started out so bad. Nothing but bad dialogue between two guys getting ready to steal something from somebody. Well that somebody was a guy that slept in a full baby bonnet suit... it was as creepy as you would expect. Well the robbery went south and the dude wearing the bonnet got shot. Then the two thieves were driving away in the middle of nowhere and they ran over a girl who was crossing the road. In the middle of nowhere a girl crossed the road, yeah retarded. So then a nothing happens except bad dialogue and we couldn't take it anymore so we went to the last chapter.

    We get there and see a bunch of guys with guns and crosses searching through a house and getting attacked by vampiyaz. These guys never realized to just look behind doors before they entered. All of them die and a girl in a wheelchair is hooked up to some sort of bomb controlled by a state of the art casio watch. They didn't diffuse the bomb in time and she blew up and sprayed Kool Aid all over the wall. Blah, blah, blah some guy kills all the vampiyaz movie over. Thank God for that! Absolutely terrible!!!!

    memorable Moments
    • The fact that if the F bomb didn't exist, there would be no script
    • When the Vampiyaz attacked, they used the exact same sound effect of the monsters from Doom 2
    • When the girl blew up she lifted off like a rocket. Straight up... WTF!


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    I didn't look at your blog, but I know it's not as good as ours.

    I am glad you enjoy looking at our blog, but don't troll here.
    Any Eta on the review?
    Fiend should be up real soon. UberRed will be writing that review. We watched it about a week ago. Vampiyaz will probably be watched this weekend or next.

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