Monday, June 05, 2006


Date Movie

Ok, first of all, most of the time when you rent this kind of movie you know what you're in for. Movies like Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, and such, are supposed to be stupid and ridiculous. But Date Movie, takes this genre to a whole new level of bad....TRULY bad. This movie wasn't even remotely funny. I think there was one time in the movie where I actually laughed out of humor. Any other noise I made during this movie was one of disgust or embarrasement.

As the movie starts, it has a rather humerous opening sequence that provoked a couple chuckles, and a pretty decent "ha ha" moment. From here on out, NOT FUNNY! All this movie is, is re-enacting scenes from other romantic comedies. And I don't mean, the made fun of them, they pretty much copied the scenes exactly. Don't even think about some sort of a plot. They just strung a lot of various movie scenes together.

This review isn't as much to make fun of this movie as it is to warn you..DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Memorable Moments
• The scene of "Jinxers" the cat using the toilet, and it lasting WAAAY too long. A tiny chuckle quickly becoming "when will this end?"
• How 15 minutes into the movie, I wished it were over and I wanted to shoot myself in the face.
• The only funny part of the movie...of which I shalln't say because in the event you DO watch this movie..I don't want to ruin it. But so you know what I'm talking about, she is feeling depressed and goes to her freezer to get something to eat.
• The cover showing all these characters, and each character is in the film for about 3 seconds each.

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